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1 hour session

In this session we will talk about your relationship and experience with meditation.

Why do you want to meditate?

Are you prioritizing self-care in your life? If not, let's explore why.

My purpose is to help guide you to develop your own practice, in order to feel liberated and improve the quality of your life. The mind needs a break from thinking. Let's figure out how to give it what it needs.

Our session will be split into 3 parts:

  1. First, I'll get to know a bit about you and your relationship to yourself.
  2. I will lead you through a guided meditation experience.
  3. We'll make a detailed plan together to help you accomplish your goal of adding a meditation practice into your schedule or improving the practice you already have.

A bit about my approach:

  1. Positive re-enforcement is key for our growth.
  2. Loving my practice is what will keep me doing it.
  3. Discipline and commitments should be chosen by the student.
  4. The purpose of developing structure is to make me feel more free.
  5. The simpler the better.