Invest on the Inside


Because you're the only thing you take with you everywhere you go.

About Avi Gordon

Personal Meditation and Self-Transformation coach, Director of the Integral Yoga Teachers Association, Author of A Light in the Tunnel, and facilitator of Meditation Community.

Your success is my success because we are connected.

I feel that every one of us could use a coach - a supportive presence that has our best interest at heart and believes in us.

Feel free to book a Discover Call to see if we might be a good fit for eachother.

A good way to get to know me, is to know my values.

Here are 10 keys I feel are essential for living successfully:

1. Let go to the flow of your life. Focus on what I control and what I do not.

2. Feel your whole body as often as possible. Try it.

3. Notice what's happening - internally and externally. Be objective.

4. Go for it - experience life as play. Listen to your intuition. Believe in the power of falling down even though it's uncomfortable.

5. Invest internally. After all, what do you carry around with you everywhere?

6. Practice, practice, practice - whatever you choose to practice. The goal of discipline is to help me feel liberated.

7. Look for the value in everything. Take what you like and leave the rest.

8. Be considerate. Treating others well feeds your own soul.

9. Balance time planning, being present, and reflecting.

10. Feel grateful as often as possible. Gratitude is the most powerful force I have discovered. It feels appropriate to feel 'thank you' often.

So...thank you for considering being a part of this community; whether it's working with me 1 on 1, or joining for group sessions. You are welcome here.


I am the Author of the spiritual novel A Light in the Tunnel - a story that imagines a better future. I have poured much of myself into this work. Listen to the audiobook here.

Host of the Integral Yoga Podcast - meaningful and interesting conversations about Yoga, Spirituality, and Life.


I have lived and taught in Taiwan, Israel, South Korea, and the U.S.

I believe the children are our teachers.



Resident of Yogaville - an ashram & intentional community.

Observing my daughter interact with her world has been the greatest experience of my life.


You, yes you....

I believe in you.

Just keep going.

You got this. We got this!

I'm glad you're here.